Just Me

Who am I?

I asked myself this question when I was twenty and thirty and forty and …. I’m still not sure!

But I’m sure of one thing …. I can’t be the only person who feels like this! Can I?

So who am I?

To my granddaughter (my biggest fan) I’m FUN ! Probably most of the kids I taught and teach feel the same! Well, I hope they do!

To creative souls I’m a kindred spirit.

To neighbours and friends maybe the word is ‘interesting’.

And to anyone who has lived or is living with me…….well, let’s say I’m a challenge!

I love nature, animals, technology, painting, craft, photography, teaching, making videos, cooking, walking, exercise, writing books, doing science experiments, music, dancing, gymnastics, travel …. there’s not much I don’t like or enjoy doing really!

That’s what makes me a challenge cause I have been known to indulge in all my interests on the same day.!

So now watch the video then follow me and you will see what I mean!